Distance Learning

Our on-line learning resources complement our face-to-face training and enable students to re-visit and refresh their learning thereby adding depth and value to their training.  From late 2018 we will start to offer students an individual log-in to our on line learning resources that will enable them to access resources for the Level 3 – Supporting Learning and Development in the Outdoors Unit.  The learning outcomes for this Unit of study are:

  • Understanding theories of learning and play
  • Understanding how behaviour impacts on play, learning and development
  • Understanding how outdoor learning can support learning, play and development

If you are interested in Outdoor Learning  / Forest School training but are not a UK resident, please click here.

Students using our on-line learning as part of any of the courses listed below will need to be able to understand and compose short essays in English.  Cambium’s on-line learning module is designed to help guide the student through the Unit enabling them through a range of media to:

  • understand how outdoor learning supports children in a range of ways
  • study some learning theorists that help us to understand how and why children learn in the outdoors
  • learn about ways that we can promote holistic learning
  • learn how to implement positive behaviours that assist learning and development.

This Unit forms part of the following courses:

  • Level 3 Certificate in Leading Forest School
  • Level 3 Certificate in Leading Coastal School
  • Level 3 Award in Coordinating the Curriculum Outdoors

We do not currently offer any Level 3 courses that are wholly delivered through the internet.

We are always happy to have an informal chat on the phone or via Skype or Whatsapp to discuss your training needs.